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Syfan Transport and Syfan Logistics have always focused on the highest level of transparency and reliability with each customer shipment. This year provides the perfect opportunity to deliver on our commitment.

Changes in federal law are requiring licensed carriers to comply in 2017 with new requirements for Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) and safer food transport under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). For both rule changes, Syfan will be ready by mid-year -- well ahead of the deadlines.  The sooner the better, because working with an ELD-compliant carrier in the future will be just as important as protecting shipments with cargo insurance.

The bottom line for ELD compliance and FSMA is greater visibility and food safety – which is why Syfan puts such a high priority on implementation of the new rules. Historically, our company has always invested heavily in on-board GPS technology, open communications, a 24-7 professional dispatch team, and customized website portals to allow shippers to view up-to-the-minute status reports on all their loads. 

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