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Syfan Returns to..

Syfan Family Returns to Transportation Business

Family has long history of transporting poultry products

Published Thursday, January 5, 2012
Morton Vardeman & Carlson

GAINESVILLE (Jan. 5, 2012) - The Syfan family, a mainstay in the transportation business for nearly 30 years, recently launched Syfan Logistics.

The Syfan family's experience in transportation dates back to 1984. Located in the center of Georgia's poultry industry the company prides itself in meeting tight deadlines when transporting perishable and price-sensitive poultry products.

"We know the importance of prompt pickup, shipping and on-time delivery of poultry products," Syfan Logistics owner Jim Syfan said. "We work with our customers to produce the most successful shipping solutions."

Syfan Logistics, led by Jim Syfan and his sons, Steve and Greg, work closely with the nation's largest foodstuffs companies in the poultry, seafood, confectionary, cereal and soft drinks industries.

Syfan Logistics is a full-scale, asset-based logistics management company based in Gainesville, Ga., just north of Atlanta. Syfan Logistics serves the most demanding shipping needs for temperature-controlled, dry or ?atbed loads with on-time pickup and delivery throughout the continental United States, Mexico and Canada. For more information call 855-287-8485 or visit www.syfanlogistics.com.