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We’re more than just a truckload provider. Our knowledge base and experience level runs deep.

If you’re looking for a partner to reorganize and run your entire shipping department, Syfan Logistics can help you with the big picture and all the details in between. Our logistics team offers strategies to enhance your shipping operations and companies logistics with greater efficiencies and cost savings through our FMS program – freight management services.

FMS – Freight Management Services

Our FMS team brings significant advantages to shipper customers and companies logistics, primarily showing you ways to trim upwards of 10 percent off your freight costs.

The companies deriving the most benefit are those with freight costs averaging at least $3.5 million a year.

The Syfan FMS program is a combination of our 40-plus years of transportation knowledge and experience that is enhanced with the sophisticated tools of McLeod logistics software. Our team allows companies to be proactive rather than reactive – cutting out wasted time and money –with a number of automated system strategies.

Bid procurement

Instead of constantly haggling with carriers for the best rate, Syfan helps carriers reduce their own costs – and pass the savings on to our shippers – through the FMS program’s bid procurement tool. Utilizing optimization algorithms, the tool allows Syfan to align a companies logistics needs with the lane preferences and capacities of their carriers.  

The result is better rates for the shipper and more efficient use of existing lanes for the carrier. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Mode optimization

Much of the waste in freight operations comes from mismatched loads – orders that don’t fill a whole truckload or conflicting delivery and pick-up schedules. Maybe a shipper needs an LTL carrier for one load but could benefit from intermodal for another. The options are endless.

Syfan’s mode optimization tool examines a shipper’s entire inventory of freight and delivery needs, then automatically consolidates or matches each shipment with the most efficient logistics method.

Load Execution

Syfan’s FMS Load Execution finalizes the whole logistics trucking delivery process by automating the tendering of loads and much of the operational work.

Best of all, customers can keep track of every shipment through exclusive portal windows on the Syfan website that provide 24-hour, real-time GPS updates of load locations and the logistics providers progress.