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About Us

Expertise in Foodstuffs Delivery

With its location in a bustling poultry-industry region of north Georgia, Syfan Logistics is well-versed in hauling deadline-sensitive, perishable food products. The company works extensively with the nation’s largest foodstuffs companies in the poultry, seafood, confectionary, cereal and soft drink industries.

Syfan also brings this 40-year experience and commitment to on-time delivery to its non-food customers, including the world’s largest package-delivery logistics companies as well as the expedited divisions of America’s major automotive manufacturers.

Truckload Services

With a 100% commitment to on-time pick-up and delivery – and full 24/7 communications every step of the way – Syfan Logistics provides the following key services:  

Syfan Transport

Syfan owns its own fleet of over-the-road Syfan Transport trucks and trailers. Our wide array of trucking services and equipment options is practically endless and covers virtually every logistics need with refrigerated, dry van, food-grade tankers, and flatbeds. This versatility can be customized to each client's individual logistics trucking company requirements.

Syfan Expedited

For the highest priority loads with the most demanding delivery schedules, no one in the truck transport industry has more experience in expedited logistics. The Syfans’ vast experience in poultry and other national foodstuff industries has forged a unique sensitivity to deadline-oriented product shipping. When others say “no,” the only answer you’ll hear from Syfan Expedited is “yes.”


Freight Management (FMS)

Utilizing its latest technology platform, Syfan can oversee a entire company's truck freight program, including:

  • Bidding and procurement
  • Carrier realignment
  • Order consolidation/load optimization
  • Load execution
  • Spot market management

The bottom line for customers is significant cost savings through greater operational logistics efficiencies.


For shippers faced with a sudden spike in shipping volume or the occasional spot load, Syfan Logistics is able to fill those emergency gaps with its reliable, pre-qualified team of core carriers.

Through its brokerage division, Syfan Logistics handles literally hundreds of loads on a weekly basis. 

Primary Cargo Insurance: Whether you go with our private fleet or one of our carrier partners, we provide primary cargo insurance on all shipments, including Reefer breakdown. From $100,000 shipments to well over a $100 million, we’ve got your companies logistics covered. 

A Tradition of Innovation

Building on our longtime tradition of innovation, Syfan Logistics is a partner with McLeod Software in leading a technological revolution in transportation communications. Exclusive web-based portals provide Syfan customers with real-time access to live GPS status reports for each and every shipment – from start to finish. Through EDI, customers also are able to tender their loads directly into the Syfan database, access and download their bills of lading, and view instant summaries of shipping costs – all from the convenience of their computer.


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